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Treating Enteric Disease

 Synterica makes rationally engineered biologics called Synterics that are delivered in cells from living organisms.  Synteric proteins contain a framework derived from robust antibodies found in camelids (camels, alpacas etc.).  Variable sequences are placed between framework sequences to make engineered biologics within a rich DNA library expressing many different Synterics.  A selection process is used to identify Synterics with desired properties within that library.

Synterics are manufactured in living organisms such as algae or diatoms.  The organisms are killed then used, intact, in a pelleted format to deliver Synterics to the intended site in the digestive system.  At the treatment site, the Synterics bind to and remove targeted pathogenic bacteria and inactivate toxins secreted by those bacteria.

Synterics are in development and are not FDA approved therapeutics.

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