Using Cell Based Packaging

 Synterica uses living organisms to produce Synterics.  The Synterics are bound to the organism or trapped within its outer wall to retain and protect the Synterics during oral delivery.   Thus the organisms serve several purposes:

1. The product is the synteric plus the organism and is easily purified by isolating the organism

 2. The Synteric is produced in the organism

 3. The killed organism serves as part of the delivery system (in combination with tableting)

 4. The organism serves to protect the Synteric during delivery

 5. The organism can serve to anchor the Synteric to allow sequestering and elimination of pathogens

 Synterica has a panel of organisms based on protected IP to choose among depending on the therapeutic design.  Most of Synterica’s products use either algae or diatoms for production and delivery of the Synteric.