Alan D. King, D.V.M., Ph.D.

President & CEO

 Dr. King is a veterinarian and an immunologist.  He is a co-founder of Syterica. After an initial two-year period of veterinary clinical practice, he joined the US Army when, during service, he did his graduate work in immunology.  He then worked on dengue vaccine development in Thailand and later at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR).  While at WRAIR he did field work in Brazil, Peru and Haiti related to dengue outbreaks in those areas.  He has two US Army owned patents for a dengue vaccine.  After his military retirement, he co-founded Cyto Pulse Sciences where he worked as CSO developing systems for DNA vaccine delivery, hybridoma development, and for gene delivery for gene therapy.  He was in charge of DNA vaccine programs for Cyto Pulse.  The DNA vaccine delivery system was evaluated in a clinical trial at the National Institute for Aging.  Two vaccines (HIV and prostate cancer) using the delivery systems were evaluated in Phase I and II clinical trials. While at Cyto Pulse, he also was consultant to several large pharmaceutical firms as an expert in monoclonal antibody development using Cyto Pulse’s electrofusion system.  This continued after the acquisition of Cyto Pulse technology by Cellectis.  At Cellectis, he set-up a quality control program to support vaccine production.  During his time at Cyto Pulse and Cellectis, he was inventor on 9 US patents and their corresponding foreign patents for a total of over forty patents. After Cellectis closed the local Glen Burnie facility he co-founded Syndecion with Dr. Stephen B. Deitz.  At Syndecion, he continues his work with antibodies using new ideas to make them synthetically without using animals.Recently, he is a cofounder of Synterica, a joint venture of Synaptic Research and Syndecion.