The Biologic

Our biologics are synthetically made, robust proteins that are modeled on antibodies found in camelids (camels, llamas, alpacas).  Antibodies are the foundation of many important biologic therapeutics. However, traditional antibodies are difficult to make and are fragile.  Camelid antibodies are simpler than antibodies from other species and have special properties as a result.  Synterica uses only the tip of these proteins, called VHH fragments, as a foundation for its synthetic proteins. 

Synterica has a discovery system for making target binding proteins.  It starts with DNA mixtures encoding a large number of proteins with different sequences. A special selection process allows Synterica to identify and purify those with desired properties. The products are: 

1. Robust (some can survive boiling or high acid environments)

2. A single protein so they are easy to produce (traditional antibodies are several proteins associated with each other)

3. Laboratory derived with no animal use.