Combined Synteric plus Delivery System

Synterica, Inc. is focused on the development of oral therapeutics to promote healthy intestines, for both the treatment of enteric diseases and in maintaining a healthy microbiome (groups of bacteria that live in the colon). The core technology uses oral targeted therapeutics called “Synterics” for the removal of adverse bacteria and toxins within the digestive system. The oral therapeutic directly targets pathogens and their toxins at their source within the intestines. The product is intended to be an easily delivered, effective, and easy to produce therapeutic for treatment of economically important infections within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and promotion of a healthy microbiome. Synterica’s products are based on a combination of a delivery system derived from living organisms (algae, diatoms, yeast) and Synterics that bind to specific targets. 

Typical animal antibodies are digested upon ingestion and are thus ineffective as therapeutics for enteric disease.  Synterics are more resistant to digestion.  In combination with a delivery system based on living organisms, Synterics can be readily delivered to the intestine and colon where they can be effective therapeutics.