Stephen B. Ditz, Ph.D.

Secretary & Treasurer

 Dr. Deitz is a molecular biologist with diverse experience in the fields of cell biology, biochemistry, viral immunology, and vaccinology and is a co-founder of Synterica. Dr. Deitz earned his PhD in the field of yeast cell biology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (now called the Anschutz Medical Campus). As a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University, he applied his cell biology background to questions of virus-host interactions and how they pertain to the immune system.  Dr. Deitz first entered the industrial arena as a vaccine development scientist. He has been responsible for the design and development of new vaccine candidates that utilize platforms ranging from replication-deficient viruses to naked DNA. He is proficient in the design, assembly, and selection of synthetic genes. In addition to his technical expertise, Dr. Deitz has experience in both project management and comprehensive study design.  Dr. Deitz is co-founder of the joint-venture parent company, Syndecion, and is a co-inventor on multiple patents and patent applications.